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Attitude To Risk Profiler


If you would like an independent assessment of your attitude to risk, please complete the questionnaire below.


The questionnaire is made up of 12 statements. For each one you need to indicate which of the five alternative responses is most appropriate. Your responses will then be used to assess your risk profile, which will be emailed back to you.


My view on the statements below:



No Strong Opinion


Strongly Disagree


People who know me would describe me as a cautious person


I feel comfortable about investing in the stock market


I generally look for the safest type of investment, even if that means lower returns


Usually it takes me a long time to make up my mind on financial matters


I associate the word "risk" with the idea of "opportunity"


I prefer the safety of keeping my money on deposit


I find investment and other financial matters easy to understand


I am willing to take substantial financial risks in order to earn substantial financial returns.


I have little experience of investing in stocks and shares


When it comes to investing, I'd rather be safe than sorry


I'd rather take my chances with high risk/high return investments than have to increase the amount I am saving


I am not willing to take any financial risk


Would you like to have a full financial review, free of charge?







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