But of course it will never happen to us! We all tend to assume we will live a long and fruitful life. We do not consider the impact and consequences our death would have on our loved ones. Maybe in these busy times it is one area of our life we just don't think about. Who wants to think about the consequences if we are not around to support our family? However dealing with such issues provides a little peace of mind knowing that in the event of misfortune, your loved ones can be financially protected and avoid financial hardship.


Most people may already have some form of financial protection in the shape of mortgage protection. However it is important to consider the wider financial implications, especially if you have a family and are the main earner.


There are a number of different products available and life assurance does not have to be expensive. Over the years with increased medical science, life expectancy on the increase and a little more competition, premiums have reduced. With the increased competition, new innovative products with more flexibility are being used for people with different or specific needs.


Even if you have some protection in place already, with your changing family and financial situation, it's even more important to review your current arrangements to ensure your protection needs are fully covered. It may be that your situation has not been reviewed for some time and you may be paying more than you really need to. We can provide an assessment of your needs with a qualified adviser who can discuss your requirements and provide recommendations to suit your individual circumstances.


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Income Protection


Life assurance is important but income protection can be every bit as important. If health or injury problems prevent you from working, life assurance isn't going to help. The bills will continue coming in, and they may be even bigger if treatment is needed. The answer may be insurance against lost income, cover against critical illness, or a combination of the two.


Without suitable cover to replace lost income, there aren't too many working people who won't suffer financially in the event of serious ill health. If poor health prevents you from earning, Income Protection cover can pay a proportion of your lost earnings until you are able to return to work or until the end of a selected term - for example two years, five years, or up to age 60 or 65.


There are other products available designed to protect you against loss of income. For impartial information about insurance, please visit the website at


Critical Illness Cover


Unlike Income Protection where the type of illness or injury is normally irrelevant, Critical Illness Cover only provides protection against a list of specified illnesses.


Also unlike Income Protection, Critical Illness Cover normally provides a single lump sum benefit, rather than paying benefits in the form of regular payments.



Partnership Protection


Without adequate planning, the premature death of a partner can have devastating consequences for both their families and their partners.


For the surviving partners, it may be a case of facing heavy capital raising costs or losing control of the business.


For the family of the deceased partner, it can be a matter of being unable to sell the business share they have inherited. What they probably need is cash but instead, what they are left with could simply be completely unwanted business responsibilities.


In the interests of family security, business stability and continuity, partnerships normally need both a partnership protection agreement, in addition to the normal partnership agreement.


Keyperson Protection


Key person insurance (also called Keyman Insurance) is a type of insurance often taken out by businesses to protect against the financial loss that could result from the death of a key individual, employed by or associated in some other way with the business. The person's job is not the main issue. What matters is whether the loss of their knowledge, their work, or their drive be financially damaging to the business.


The business takes out key person cover to offset the costs (such as employing temporary help or recruiting a successor) and losses (such as decreased ability to transact business until a successor has been trained) which the business may suffer.


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